Saturday, March 12, 2011

I love days where I can pause, take a deep breath, basque in the sunshine and feel the blessings that are my children. Yesterday was that kind of day. The kind of day that restores my patience and makes all of the tough days worth it. It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day in Austin. So we packed up a lunch, an old blanket, books and bubbles and drove to Zilker Park for a good old fashion picnic. I specifically chose a park that didn't have a playground. Sometimes I feel like a playground is more stress than it is worth. It was so nice to be outside and read, laugh, run around, eat and I even got up the nerve to nurse Dawson laying down on the blanket. It was so peaceful. When we got in the car Lily said "Thanks Mommy." Awww, be still my heart. I love my sweet girl. If only she was like that all of the time. She is 2. Sometimes I have to remind myself that.

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  1. LOL. It is so funny that you posted this. I really wanted to write but didn't post this because I felt like it was an incomplete thought...but seeing it posted, I re-read it... and it was a complete thought!


our goals are simple

as women, mothers, and friends, our goals are simple:

love our husband(s) and babies. be kind and generous to those in our lives. to learn and to help teach. strengthen our faith and the faith of our family. be gentle to the earth and its inhabitants. stop and smell the roses (or at least the crayons!)