Wednesday, February 2, 2011

crafts for toddlers

I'm trying to "bloom where I'm planted" so to speak, so I've recently become involved in a local mom's club. In the spirit of biting off more than I can chew (something I have a habit of doing), I have offered to host arts/music over at my house every Tuesday. Starting March 1st.

That sounded SO simple when I suggested it.

In trying to lesson plan, I'm finding it difficult to find different crafts for young toddlers. Sawyer is 26 months old, and the age range of kiddos is probably early two to four. hmmm...

Every craft I am coming across seems to complicated for such little hands. I need inspiration + suggestion!! I will update as I find things, and post pictures as projects are completed.

Here's to a crafty month of March! :)

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our goals are simple

as women, mothers, and friends, our goals are simple:

love our husband(s) and babies. be kind and generous to those in our lives. to learn and to help teach. strengthen our faith and the faith of our family. be gentle to the earth and its inhabitants. stop and smell the roses (or at least the crayons!)