Friday, February 25, 2011


As parents I can only hope that we take the time to question the "norm". When we found out we were having a boy the topic of circumcision came up. My husband is circumcised so our instinct was that is "normal". Most men that we know are circumcised so there must be a reason that this procedure is done. Well...there isn't (unless for religious reasons) and it isn't even the norm anymore. For our generation about 80% were circumcised, now it is closer to 30%! We also asked ourselves, if there was a surgery to modify our daughters vagina to look more "normal" or prettier would we do it? Of course not. We couldn't even agree to put erythromycin in her (or his) eyes at birth but we were going to cut a piece of their body off for fun? I have heard stories of women who didn't research and regret it and stories of women who did research and their husbands vetoed their opinion because they want "like father, like son". Those stories hurt my heart for both the parents and the children. I am so glad that my husband doesn't want his son to be "just like him" he wants him to be better. We both want our kids to be better. So we make choices and open doors for sometimes difficult conversations so that they will be better.

Here are a couple of circumcision resources:
Dr. Sears
Peaceful Parenting- this one is really sad

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our goals are simple

as women, mothers, and friends, our goals are simple:

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